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Chimney Sweeping

Q. How often should a Chimney be Swept?

A. At least once a year, if you burn alot of wood then it is recommended twice a year.

Q. Do Chimney cleaning Logs work?

A. Cleaning Logs work to a certain degree but are not a substitute for having your chimney swept. They give off Chemicals that should help to break down the outer layer of Creosote that builds up inside the chimney. They do not remove it all, nor do they remove the other ash and soot that lines the chimney wall.

Stove/Open fire Installations

Q. Do I need to inform building regulations if I have a stove or open fire installed?

A. Yes you are required by Law to inform your local council of any changes to a fire /chimney. If a Hetas registered installer does the work then he can certify the job and the local authorities are informed by Hetas on your behalf without any extra cost.

Q. Do I need a Carbon Monoxide Sensor fitted when I have a fire /stove installed?

A. Yes, They are a requirement in England, Wales and now in Scotland also.
They should be fixed according to the manufactures fitting instructions,  normally high up  within 3 meters of the stove.

Q. Do I need a vent in the room with a stove / open fire?

A. With an open fire there must be a permanent air vent in the room.
If a Stove is over 5 kw then a vent is required, and in a modern home (built since 2008) a vent is needed for a stove under 5 kw.
The size of the vent depends on the size of the stove. 

Q. Is Burning wood better for the Environment?

Yes - Wood differs from other fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil
because it is part of the carbon/carbon neutral cycle.

Although the fuels produce CO2, trees absorb CO2, and store it as carbon
which makes up half the weight of the tree.
When the wood is burned it releases only the same amount back into the atmosphere, exactly the same as if the tree were left to rot.

How long should Wood be Seasoned?

When trees are cut down they contain 65-90% water depending on the
Type of tree. It then takes 2 years for the wood to season naturally,
that is cut and stacked in a sheltered airy place.
If the moisture content is below 20% then the wood will light easier,
give off more heat, burn cleaner and subsequently the flue/chimney
will have less build up of soot.

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate, no guarantees for the currency or accuracy of information are made.

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