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  • Chimneys Swept  Using a brush and rods, the chimney is given a thorough clean while the fireplace is sealed to keep the soot inside the Dust Sheet, after which an industrial Vac is used to clear away any residue around he Hearth and chimney Flues. It is recommended that your chimney be swept at least once a year.
  • Flue Lined Chimneys Swept Standard Rods can damage the Liners, so special Rods and brushes are used to clean the liner safely.  
  • Blocked Chimneys Opened Up  A chimney can sometimes become blocked with masonry and requires the chimney wall opening up so as the clear the way. By pinpointing the problem area, we can keep this a quick and simple Job.                                                                
  • Nests Removed Birds are industrias builders, and can block a chimney very quickly, so we recommend a strong Birdnet is fitted to a chimney, Using special attachments we are able to break up the nest and remove it safely. Setting fire to a nest is not recommended as this is not only dangerous but will Damage the chimney.                                                                 
  • Cowl and Birdnets Fitted We supply and fit Cowls and Nets, and are happy to advise you on the best type for your chimney.                                           
  • Chimney Pots Fitted Also if your stack needs attention, we are happy to help.   
  • Log Burners Serviced Fire bricks and Baffle plates inside the Burners become worn so the fire is less effective and can be damaged, so a yearly check is recommended. We can supply and fit new bricks, plates, seals and give your Fire a face lift. Call us for a quote!     


  • CCTV Surveys  We can now offer to send a camera up your chimney and see clearly its condition or any existing problems so as to know how to resolve these. 
  • Agas & Rayburns Solid Fuel, Oil and Gas Flues swept.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Stove Installations All types of Stoves installed including multifuel, inset, log burners & parkray fitted to Building Regs,  Hetas standards and Certified.  
    Inglenooks opened and Hearths Laid.


  • Twin Wall    Chimney Systems Installed,  you can have a Stove even though you have no Chimney. Free Design and Estimate Service. German Engineered Materials.


  • Flexi Liners  Supplied and  Installed at a sensible cost. 25 year Gaurentee.

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